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Benefits of publication with us

Open Access publication is a revolution in current times. Open access bring new shape to the science publication by enhance the spreading a message among communities that the users can access the published content at free of charge, on the other hand the authors are credited with huge number of citations and metrics.

Huge reach and engagement

Open Access offers access to the latest and exceptional findings to the readers at free of charge, therefore, scientific communities always engage with open access publications. The research with huge public interest will be circulated more among scientific communities. Boffin Access presents new high quality open access journals by which the open access benefits will be shared.

Improve Citations

As the content can be accessed at free of charge, there are possibilities to get more citations for published articles. Boffin Access encourages authors to publish their research in our journals to provide wide reach by which their work credit with citations.

Articles Metrics

Open access offers another advantage that is article metrics and analytics. Boffin Access provides article wise metrics such as number citations, views, reads and downloads. We also provide highly accessed and highly cited articles.

Digital Presentation

Another benefit with open access publication is digital presentation of articles, editor and authors profiles. Boffin Access publishes articles with various file formats such as PDF, digital PDF, html, and xml. We also present our author, editor and reviewer profiles on the website with complete information regarding ongoing research projects, research interests, publications which help in finding new partnerships.

Encourage New Collaborations

Boffin Access always encourages new partnerships among academia, research and industry. Being an open access publisher we are capable of transform publications and data to pave new ways to create new collaborative research to advance the research and innovation to the next level.

Flexible Processing charges

Boffin Access publishes articles with lowest article processing charges comparatively less than many other publishers. We also provide discounts to the authors from middle income and low income countries and occasionally exemption to our supports.