ISSN 2633-5476

About the Journal

Clinical HIV and AIDS Journal is a peer review, open access journal which covers topics from molecular biology to clinical studies and outcomes research, focusing on developments in novel therapeutics, prevention science, immune-restorative approaches and latest developments in treatment of sexually transmitted diseases.

This journal publishes empirical studies which promotes understanding of behavioral principles, physical health and illness and also provides international venue for scientific exchange of information on the psychosocial aspects of AIDS, Neurobehavioral factors, theoretical models of AIDS education which includes implementation, evaluation, and human retrovirology from all relevant basic and clinical sciences.

Clinical HIV and AIDS Journal encourages not plagiarized, genuine, innovative, original submissions of research articles, mini-reviews, editorials, short communications, case reports on latest progress and research advances through clinical trials, and examination of targeted antiretroviral agents which leads to improve in translational medicine for optimum treatment outcomes.

Aims and Scope

Clinical HIV and AIDS Journal, is an important and reliable source of current information on experimental, therapeutical, clinical, vaccines, pathogenesis, diagnostics, drug resistance, and virology of HIV/AIDS. This journal aims to provide forum for HIV/AIDS researchers, molecular biologists, infectious disease specialists, pathologists, virologists, epidemiologists, molecular geneticists, and microbiologists, and other professionals to find more advances in the area of HIV/AIDS research, antiviral treatment, viral immunology, clinical manifestations, HIV and sexual risk behaviours amongst intravenous drug users.

Subjects covered by the Clinical HIV and AIDS Journal

  • Human Retroviruses
  • Viral Pathogenesis
  • Sexually Transmitted diseases
  • Virus Replication
  • Vaccine Research
  • Pharmacology of HIV Therapy
  • Drug Research
  • Viral Targets
  • Comparative Assessments of Therapies
  • Epidemiology of HIV
  • Pathogenicity of HIV/AIDS
  • Pediatric HIV and AIDS
  • Virology and Immunology of HIV/AIDS
  • Viral Targets identification
  • Specialists Case Reports
  • Aids Patient Care and STDs
  • Enhanced HIV/AIDS Reporting System
  • HIV Clinical Trails
  • Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors
  • AIDS Research
  • Anti Reteroviral Therapy
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Causes and Symptoms of HIV
  • Heterosexual Transmission
  • HIV Super Infection
  • Clinicopathological Manifestations
  • Care and treatment of HIV/AIDS
  • Diffuse Infiltrative Lymphocytosis Syndrome
  • Gay Bowel Syndrome
  • HIV-Associated Lipodystrophy
  • Operations Research and Implementation Sciences
  • HIV/AIDS Denialism
  • HIV -associated pruritus
  • Ganciclovir
  • HIV wasting syndrome
  • Cd4+Lymphocytes
  • Cell biology of HIV and SIV
  • Opportunistic infections in HIV/AIDS
  • Therapeutic Vaccines
  • Advances in HIV tests
  • Viral Genetic Variability
  • Aids Dementia Complex
  • Health Economics and Public Health Policy
  • Diagnosis of HIV/AIDS
  • Genitourinary Medicine
  • Molecular Biology
  • Social and Behavioral Science
  • Rapid Publication of Emerging Sequence Information
  • Latest Ground Breaking Research on HIV and AIDS
  • Education for Adolescents & Children HIV-AIDS Prevention
  • History and Politics of HIV/AIDS
  • Risk Behaviors of Aids and Mental Health
  • Sex Education
  • Aids Dementia Complex
  • Highly active Antiretroviral Therapy
  • Genome of HIV
  • HIV associative Cancer
  • Primary and acquired Immune-Deficiencies
  • Immunogenicity Data Analysis
  • Viral Taxonomy