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About the Journal

Food and Nutrition is the most important clinical field. Food and Nutrition open access is an international open access peer-reviewed journal offers the updated information in Food and nutrition science and research. Food and Nutrition open access accepts high-quality content for publication which is reviewed and accepted by well-known editors and reviewers. Food and Nutrition and Reviews invites original reports, case reports, review reports, communications and editorials for publication.

Aims and Scope

Food and Nutrition open access is one of the major sources for clinicians, medical experts, academic researchers, and students. The accepted content published will be online and can be accessed through web with no cost. Food and Nutrition open access paves new platform to exchange the knowledge and bridge between the academia and clinical research. Food and Nutrition open access journal has world-class editorial team which is an added advantage to the journal and also encourage new partnerships and collaborations. Food and Nutrition open access editor invites you to submit your latest findings or case studies for publication through our online submission portal and or as an email to the editorial office.

Subjects covered by the Food and Nutrition Open Access

  • Gastronomy and food science
  • Plant and environmental microbiology
  • Animal and plant biotechnology and physiology
  • Plant and animal genetics
  • Novel ingredients and nutrigenomics
  • Global tendencies in food
  • Market Analysis of Food Testing
  • Food allergen/contaminants/pathogens detection
  • Food irradiation, genetically modified food, sustainable food production
  • Emerging technologies in food processing and preservation
  • Evaluation and processing in food science and environmental sciences
  • Agriculture and food chemistry
  • Nanomaterials in food systems
  • Applied culinary and food science
  • Nutrition Therapy
  • Eating Disorders and Childhood Obesity
  • Food Packaging and Labeling
  • Dietary intake and Nutritional Status
  • Obesity and weight Management
  • Dietary Surveys and Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Malnutrition
  • Vitamin & mineral nutrition- Current research
  • Food Preservation and Quality Control
  • Migration/scalping and food safety
  • Public Health Nutrition programmes
  • Nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics
  • Food Regulatory Affairs
  • Consumer Attitudes towards Nutraceuticals
  • Sport Nutrition and health sciences
  • Nutrition in developing countries
  • Nutritional effects of food composition and processing
  • Animal and in vitro models with clear relevance for human nutrition
  • Bioavailability of nutrients and non nutrients
  • Mechanisms of action of nutrients/non nutrients in human and establishing safety
  • Role of the human microbiota in nutrition
  • Antioxidants and Phytochemicals in Food
  • Hormonal Regulations
  • Food Safety and Hygiene