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Volume 3: Issue 1 - May 2020

Research Article

Impact of Media Messages on Public Opinion: A Case Study of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Corresponding Author: Mita Saksena, Western Connecticut State University, Department of Political Science, Danbury, Connecticut, United States.
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Research Article

A Covid-19 Case Mortality Rate Without Time Delay Systematics

Corresponding Author: Richard Lieu, University of Alabama, Department of Physics, Huntsville, AL, United States.
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Research Article

Some Aspects of the Mathematical Modeling of a Pandemic

Corresponding Author: Günter Bärwolff, Technische Universität Berlin, Denmark.
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Research Article

Estimating the Growth Rate and Doubling Time for Short-Term Prediction and Monitoring Trend During the COVID-19 Pandemic with a SAS Macro

Corresponding Author: Stanley Xu, Kaiser Permanente Colorado, The Institute for Health Research, Aurora, CO, United States.
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Short Communication

Prader-Willi Syndrome Care Coordination: A COVID-19 Model for Support

Corresponding Author: Amy L. McTighe, The Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh 1405 Shady Avenue, Director of Care Coordination, Ph.D, Pittsburgh, United States.
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