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Welcome to Boffin Access

On behalf of the editors of our esteemed journals we are honored to invite the researchers of every field including Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to publish their research work in our journals. We cordially invite you to join hands together to disseminate the research findings to every individual in need through our open access.

Open Access publication model provide unrestricted access to the published content and also allows to reprint, reuse and distribute the novel research work of renowned scientists, young researchers and experts from both academia and industry.

Boffin Access is dedicated to publish high quality content by which we will pave new platform to exchange and update the current knowledge. Our Committed editors and editorial staff will communicate latest updates through various platforms like blogs, social media networking and websites among scientific communities. Boffin Access adopted internationally accepted peer review process and ethical policies in publication, therefore, our editors, reviewers and authors could make independent decisions and promote our brand value.

As an emerging open access publisher we welcome researchers from various parts of the globe and join us to support to improve the quality of our services. We are delighted to work with you and believe your expertise and experience will be an added advantage.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a common platform to the researcher from the least corner of the world where the knowledge can be accessed without restriction to the published content. Our goal is to publish high quality scientific content in our esteemed journals and through the open access initiative deliver latest findings to every individual. Boffin Access encourages young scholar to get associated with us and we provide latest updates on your field of interest, which helps in building professional careers.

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Boffin Access

Boffin Access is an emerging open access publisher which has a huge portfolio of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) journals with a definitive aim to provide the widest access to the research. Boffin Access encourages the global research communities to submit and get publish their pioneer work in our journals. Our aim is to create new venues where researchers together and share, exchange and update the current knowledge.

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Boffin Access

Author Guidelines

Boffin Access Journals accept original research reports, expert reviews, opinions, case studies, communications, editorials, and letters for publication and authors are requested to follow the below guidelines before submission of the papers. The articles submitted to the Boffin Access Journals must meet the criteria, unless otherwise the article is not considered for the review process. Since all publications of Boffin Access are members of International Committee of Medical Journal Editors,......

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Editor-in-Chief Guidelines

Editor-in-Chief is the head of the board and decision maker of the journal, who is expert of the field and renowned. The following are the major roles of the editors-in-chief…

Describe the aims and scope of the journal and select topics related to the journal.....

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Editor Guidelines

  • Should be an expert in the specific field and should have more than 100 publications.
  • Should actively participate in review process and editorial activities
  • Suggest the journal to friends, colleagues and students for publications
  • Submit review articles and editorials to improve the journal citations
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    Reviewer Guidelines

  • Editor-in-chief select the reviewers and promote the criteria
  • A reviewer must be an expert in the respective field
  • Reviewers should maintain fair, impartial and confidentiality
  • Reviewers should make the decision based on the scientific merit
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