ISSN 2517-7427

About the Journal

Water for life is the predominant natural resource, which is at the dangerous edge today and it is the responsibility of the human kind to protect the resources for future generations. Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods is an emerging initiative by Boffin Access that dedicated to disseminating the latest updates in water technology and treatment methods.

Aims and Scope

Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods also provides the state of the art of the technologies in water production and treatment and focuses on environmental aspects. Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods invites authors to submit high quality articles with significant novelty and impact for publication. Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods accepts research papers, reviews and communications for publication and editor will select suitable papers after get approved from the expert peer review committee.

Subjects covered by the Journal of Water Technology and Treatment Methods

  • Engineering and environmental problems of high-quality water
  • Treatment processes for water and wastewaters
  • Science and technology of water quality and its management
  • Water quality monitoring and assessment
  • Advanced or highly innovative purification technologies
  • Point and non-point sources of pollution
  • Limnology of lakes, impoundments and rivers
  • Water infrastructure and distribution systems
  • Effects and control of leachates and gaseous emissions
  • Resource recovery from waste streams
  • Solid and hazardous waste management
  • Management strategies for agricultural wastewaters
  • Mathematical modelling and system analysis techniques
  • Global Sanitation and decentralized treatment
  • Public health and risk assessment
  • Membrane technologies and desalination
  • Analysis of the interfaces between sediments and water
  • Development and optimisation of engineered treatment, management, and supply strategies
  • Cost-Effective stormwater management
  • Flow/Level/Pressure measurement
  • Design, Operational & Maintenance Techniques in ETP, STP, WTP & WWTP Disinfection
  • Integrated Water Cycle Management strategies
  • Chlorine Analyzer and Controller
  • RO & Alternate Use of RO Rejects
  • Physical and ecological condition of rivers
  • Water desalting and wastewater reclamation
  • Membrane bioreactors and system optimization
  • Water policy, economics and scarcity
  • Rain, evapotranspiration and wind analysis
  • Eco-hydrology and hydro-ecology