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Al-Haggar MMS


Prof Mohammad Al-Haggar has received his MD in Pediatrics and Genetics, Mansoura University, Egypt, during the period of 1989-1995. Currently, he is working as Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics in Mansoura University. He has successfully completed his Administrative responsibilities as director of Doctor Affair at MUCH, Mansoura, Egypt in 2008. Based on his research and fellowship training he has received several awards and honors, such as training course in molecular biology at Tor Vergata, Rome II, Italy, 1993, Fakhry Prize in Pediatrics 2011, Ikram Abdel-Salam Prize 2013. He is serving as an editorial member & expert Reviewer of several reputed journals. He has authored many research articles and review articles and 2 book chapters. He is a member of a member of European Society of Pediatric research and Egyptian Society of Genetics.

Research Interests:

His research has included molecular genetics of inherited renal disorders and many orphan diseases.

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