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Open Access

Science publication is an integral part and play crucial role in development of the society. Research and development communicates the results among wide range of people and allow us to turn breakthroughs into better lives. The traditional science publication in print model could offer limited access, which resulted in narrow reach even though the highest quality and unique findings. On the other hand, it is difficult to access through online without subscription. These are the major factors led to find an alternative source to promote science among research communities with wide range and unlimited access.

Open Access is an initiative where users can access the published content at free of charge without any barriers. Content published under open access model can be downloaded, reprinted, reproduced with no restrictions; however, all commercial benefits with any specified research work will remain with the authors. Under creative commons license, the published content can be widely accessed and distributed. There are various versions of CC license available for both commercial and non commercial usage of published work.

Computerization has revolutionized every field and science publication is not an exception. The digital revolution added new advantages to the science publication by which we can reach the least corner of the world. The World Wide Web promotes not only the research findings but the personal involved in publication. The profiles, research projects, research interests and list of publications of our authors, editors and reviewers will be promoted among research networks by which we could help you in find new people and make new research partnerships.

Boffin Access understands open access utmost and dedicated to promote your research findings on this free access platform and create new opportunities in collaborations. Of course, there is a lot of criticism on Open Access, we believe in the hard work and commitment of our editors and reviewers in selecting papers with highest quality, novelty and originality. We believe that our impartial, transparent editorial services give more trustworthiness.