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Article Processing Charges

Boffin Access is an Open Access peer reviewed publisher of Science, technology, engineering and mathematics, which is not receiving any financial support from either public or private agencies. The publisher maintains the whole operations by its own, therefore, Boffin Access seeking funding support from the authors after their paper get accepted and published.

In today digital publications era, it is important to maintain the high quality web portals for the journals, online submission and peer review systems, archive the published articles. All these operations are highly expensive in these days; therefore, we charge article processing charges from the authors to keep the quality publications.

Our article processing charges are quite flexible compare to many other emerging publishers and we provide wide range of offers to the authors from the middle income and low income countries.

Processing Charges Article Type
$ 799 Original papers
$ 699 Reviews
$ 649 Case reports
$ 599 Communications
$ 499 Editorial/Letter

Authors are required to pay the article processing charges even after their paper get accepted and published. Authors will be sent an invoice along with the galley proof of the accepted article. Authors can pay the processing charge through the online payment portal by using credit card and or can transfer the charges to the publisher’s account.

In case of withdrawal of the article after accepted and published authors need to pay withdrawal fees. If authors need to withdrawal after made payment, there will a refund but we deduct the minimal processing charges.