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About Company Information

Boffin Access is an emerging open access publisher which has a huge portfolio of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) journals with a definitive aim to provide the widest access to the research. Boffin Access encourages the global research communities to submit and get publish their pioneer work in our journals. Our aim is to create new venues where researchers together and share, exchange and update the current knowledge.

Boffin Access is an international open access publisher aimed to operate high quality journals with ethics. We encourage the researchers of various fields to get associated with Boffin Access and disseminate their findings. Another motto behind the establishment of Boffin Access is to act as a connecting link among researchers, academia, industry and policy makers. We accept papers from all parts of the globe and there are no demographic, racial, and socioeconomic barriers. We publish quality research for which the world of research community has no limit for access.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create a common platform to the researcher from the least corner of the world where the knowledge can be accessed without restriction to the published content. Our goal is to publish high quality scientific content in our esteemed journals and through the open access initiative deliver latest findings to every individual. Boffin Access encourages young scholar to get associated with us and we provide latest updates on your field of interest, which helps in building professional careers.

Our Vision

  • Boffin Access is a bridge between industry and academia, by creating forums to discuss the advancements of science and technology.
  • We create opportunities for new partnerships among wide range of people include individual researchers, scholars, public organizations and corporate companies.
  • We welcome renowned subject expert and policy makers to improve the standards, production quality and delivering outputs.
  • Our dedicated teams are working innovatively to update current knowledge and share among our associates and contributors.
  • Though we are under open access we strictly follow the ethical policies in science publication and encourage our editors, readers and authors to do so.
  • Boffin Access clearly prioritizes the promotion of young students to produce the next generation researchers.